Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift - 5 nice ideas!

Are you looking for a nice, unique and creative baby shower gift? I know that is hard to choose an original gift that is also memorable and useful. Yeap! I did a nice list just for you (and me!).

1. If you know baby to be name, what about a lovely pillow with his/her first name letter.
I am just in love with them.
Pillow Letters

2. These neutral onesies are perfect as baby shower gift. They work great for boys or girl and perfect for taking monthly pictures. How cutest it can be?
Monthly Onesies 
3. A baby shower bouquet is more useful than real flowers for a new mom. It is absolutely aborable!
Washcloth Bouquet
4. Almost every name has a meaning. How nice is to make it an art and hanging on a wall? We can make it for you! 

Baby Name Meaning
5. A super cool way to celebrate the new arrival for family. Can be personalized for any theme or name. Super stylish! I love it!
Custom Clothes Hanger.